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School security to be assessed 

The governors at Brookmans Park Primary have decided to invite an independent security adviser to visit the school to carry out a risk assessment.

It follows a recent security alert when two junior girls went missing during playtime and were later found have gone off for a ‘day together’ in Gobions play area. Click here for the earlier story.

The adviser will be expected to suggest what security measures might need to be taken. The PTA has already indicated that it will contribute to the cost of any additional gates or fences that are needed.

At the same time the head teacher, staff and governors are to review the existing procedure for dealing with such incidents, paying particular attention as to how and when they notify the police. A copy of their review will be sent to all parents and will be posted on this site.

The details of the governors' decision were set out in a letter from the chair of governors Jeremy Silverstone to all parents. Click here to read the letter in full.

In it he says it is important not to demonstrate a ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to the incident or to turn the school into a fortress. But he says it is the school’s duty to ensure that children are safe from themselves and outside intruders.

He says the school’s existing plan of action for such events contributed to a speedy resolution of the situation and thanks head teacher Peter Evans and his staff for their efficient response. 

Click here to read the letter Peter Evans sent home to parents following the incident.

January 21, 2000

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