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US families united in North Mymms

Two Americans, who share the same family name but have been researching their family history independently, have found their way to this site and are now trying to delve deeper into their genealogical roots.

Both are called Mims, they live more than a thousand miles apart but have been brought together searching the web for their family history.

Almost 350 years ago Thomas Mims left England for America and settled in Virginia. Now his 8th great grandson has used the internet to trace the family roots back to North Mymms.

Stephen Stancil Mims, from Moscow in Idaho, has written to this site’s ‘Have Your Say’ section hoping to correspond with anyone who knows more about his family name and his family’s roots.

"I discovered your site yesterday and am very impressed with the amount of information and history regarding the North Mymms community. In the process of researching my family history I have read some information regarding North Mymms and South Mymms but did not expect to find a site as fine as this. My 8th great grandfather Thomas Mims came to Virginia from England in 1657. I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching the Mims (Mimms, Mymms etc) family in the U.K," he wrote.

Stephen’s message has been passed on to the North Mymms Local History Society who regularly help people who write to the Brookmans Park Newsletter in researching their genealogy.

You can e-mail Stephen at Steve@sub.uidaho.edu.

Another American, Kerry Mims, from Cypress in Texas has also written to the ‘Have Your Say’ section expressing delight at finding the depth of information contained in the local history pages on this site.

"What a great find for me to find a connection to my roots. I believe that my name is originally derived from ancestors that may have come from Mymms. North or South I am not sure. If there is anyone out there that would like to correspond with me I would appreciate it."

"I live in Cypress, Texas just outside of Houston and would love to hear from some of you on a regular basis. I'll have to admit we Texans are a proud bunch and we will brag a bit. However, we are also folks that are proud of our heritage both here and across the 'big pond'. I would be much obliged to hear from someone. Thank you and I look forward to your correspondence."

Kerry can be e-mailed at klmims@ev1.net. Kerry’s details have also been passed on to the local history society.

May 22, 2000

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