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Millennium ideas wanted

Residents of Brookmans Park are being invited to come up with suggestions for how the village should mark the millennium.

The North Mymms Residents' Association says it might be given a grant to provide something for the community but they want everyone's ideas.

One thought is to plant an oak tree in the village to replace one, which it
is thought, used to exist outside the Brookmans Park Hotel.

A local resident has told the Association that one was cut down in living
memory but so far, no one else has been able to confirm this.

Historians in the village have been searching the archives to try to find
out if there was such a tree but they have not been able to confirm it.

The Residents' Association wants to hear from any local residents who can remember the tree but would particularly like to hear from anyone who has a photograph of the old oak.

Anyone with any information or ideas can contact Tony Dodd of the Residents' Association either via e-mail by 'phone on 01707-646383.

Other ideas to mark the millennium include a pond for the village green,
improvements to the play area at Gobions Open Space and continental style tables outside the various restaurants in the village.

Some have suggested the funding be used to provide a youth club facilities for youngsters in the neighbourhood. The North Mymms Youth Club has recently had to close its doors for the older age group because of a lack of cash to pay for helpers.  Click here for details.

According to Tony Dodd all ideas are welcome.

September 15, 1999

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How should the millennium be marked in Brookmans Park? Do you like the idea of an oak tree or a village pond or should the money be spent on facilities for young people? Have Your Say

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