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Recycling options increased

Mixed cans recycling
Mixed cans recycling

The local council has taken another step in its effort to reduce landfill and encourage recycling. Next month, cans will be collected fortnightly from residential homes.

From Monday 16 June, Welwyn Hatfield Council and Serco will begin to collect mixed cans at the kerbside.

Mixed cans include aluminium cans, steel cans, tins, clean foil, clean aluminium takeaway containers, and aerosols.

Mix cans do not include juice cartons, crisp packets, metallic sachets (eg cat food), or any other metal.

If the cans or tins have any food or drink residues on them, residents are asked to give them a rinse. This will help avoid odours, wasps and flies. The council also requests that all paper labels are removed.

The mixed cans can be put in the red containers, currently used for glass. If you live in a flat and have a mini-recycling centre the council will collect cans in the red glass wheelie bin.

Excess recyclables can be left in carrier bags. The council says that for safety reasons, it would be preferable if excess cans are placed in carrier bags instead of glass.

The recyclables will be taken to a new outlet where they have the machinery to separate glass and metal, and then forward them on individually for recycling. Paper will still be collected, stored and tipped separately.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

13 May 2008

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