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Brookmans Park Newsletter Survey

The following comments were added by those who took part in our online survey about the Brookmans Park Newsletter on May 13/14, 2008. Click here for the survey results.

The survey of the first 100 users of this site to complete the form, showed that the majority of those to use this site do so to visit the forum, but only 27% like to have their say.

Interestingly, 24% of those who took the time to complete the online survey are not registered members of the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum (click here to register) but they did add their comments, which are listed below. Apologies in advance for the long page. The comments have been reproduced as they were recorded and have not been edited.

What features do you use?

  • schools and trains
  • travel updates
  • genealogy
  • train details
  • link to BP school
  • train and WHB links
  • links to schools
  • who is online
Do you just view or do you take part in the forum?
  • I generally read what others write and occasionally have a say.
  • To hear all the rubbish the sad people of the village say, when they should get a real life and get out there and do something positive to change things in the village. Take a role as a Scout Leader, start a proper youth group, stop dog walkers allowing their dogs to shit all over the place. An example of this is the team who run the cycling course for our what commitment. These people who take on a challange like this in there own time should be highlighted and helped and not have stupid cars buzzing around them while they are helping the village life and comunity.
  • Of the 3 choices above just read but not strictly tru as do post occassionally when its something i feel strongly about.
  • Sometimes I'd comment
  • I used to post a lot
  • I have only read posts but I am registered and will contribute when I want to say something!
  • I have contributed but not very often
  • I sometimes have something to add
  • occassional comment where necessary
  • Sometimes like to have my say
  • Occasionally post, usually read
  • Take part when I have something to add.
  • if it is a subject I am interested in then I take part
  • I make a comment if I an item is important to me, though I do feel the forum as rather 'an elitist' and 'club like' feel to it
  • I on occasion will add my thoughts
  • Feel to technologically silly to reply
  • I do read the Forum, but get fed up when it gets too petty and personal. In fact I think that's what stopped me looking in, once the family had gone.
  • Have information on WW2 at VE time.
  • I contribute once a month or so and have started new topics sometimes.
  • Read and write
  • I occasionally write only if it is important to me
  • Sometimes
  • I sometimes like to have my say.
  • It's a shame that generally it is a forum for moaning (Bonfires, Gypsies, Brookmans etc.), and by the same moaners too, which is a shame because certain of the moderators (DB,PT,JB) really try to present the site in a positive light. Frustrating!!. My original reason for joining the forum is to make sure comments about Chancellors School were balanced. I guess the forum reflects society today, to many people moaning and not enough helpful suggestions for improvement (there, I've just moaned too).
  • Run by the few for the few - Wikipedia without the content
  • I always read the views, but I don't always post replies. If someone has already expressed an opinion that matches mine I don't usually post a reply. Sometimes I don't have a view on an issue but like to read the debates.
  • I sometimes take part
  • I read some of what others write and very occasionally contribute. This survey will not accept an answer in this box only - it also requires a response to one of the above - none of which acually apply to me
  • I would clarify that, I 'generally' only read what others write. But I do also think that the posts degenerate to a squabble between 2 or 3 of the posters.
What is the most important feature of the site?
  1. News
  2. The Editor is fab
  3. The Forum
  4. Local interest
  5. local information
  6. Local news
  7. Forum (for finding out about local issues)
  8. forum
  9. Local interest
  10. The archive
  11. The archive
  12. Bringing the community together and giving all local people an idea of what's happening in their neighbourhood
  13. None that I can think of......................
  14. That there is a community site, that the coverage isn't just Brookmans Park but many other areas
  15. The ability to have a say in Brookmans Park Life
  16. knowing what's going on in BP
  17. Keeping us informed about the goings on in the village and surrounding areas. As a local shop owner, I think this is invaluuable so thank you to all who keep the forum going - it can't be easy.
  18. Living in Australia, the chance to see what's happening at home
  19. Good local information and debate, good rallying point for local issues.
  20. Local news, up to date
  21. The forum - I use it to catch up with what is going on in BP since I'm an expat residing in the US
  22. forum, but it's too local to JUST Brookmans Park. Yeah, I's a BP site, but there is wide readership in outlying areas too.
  23. Local news
  24. the forum
  25. the forum, keeping us informed of events and news locally. The links to schools and weather and travel. A great site well done!
  26. Forum
  27. to keep in touch with old friends
  28. Forum
  29. Local issues and comments
  30. forum and free speech!!
  31. creates local connectivity & if something major occurred locally, it'd be a good source of info
  32. Up to date community information.
  33. keeping up to date with B.Park news
  34. Events Diary
  35. all but the latest local news is superb with the interactive forum
  36. The Forum
  37. Allows me to find out what is happening in the village where I spent my childhood.
  38. I like to read what is going on in the area that I live
  39. Forum
  40. Everything in one place for a local resident
  41. family history
  42. Forum
  43. Keeping updated
  45. Easily accessing all the lastest information and finding interesting places to visit.
  46. The Forum
  47. Forum, to keep us up to date with what is happening in the area re planning permission, warnings of burglaries and other problems etc etc, plus information about the area in general
  48. information
  49. discussion items
  50. The Forum
  51. The Forum
  52. genealogy
  53. Forum
  54. Forum- a place to hear what others think.
  55. to me, the history......
  56. Updating on news of and for locality, from date of Village day, bluebells, wasps... to local govt stuff.
  57. getting to talk to old friends, and enemies!
  59. History re Potters Bar
  60. The fact that it is there, updated all the time, fantastic facility and I sincerely hope that it doesn't change too much. Although its
  61. not used that much by myself, its great that its there
  62. local information
  63. The news headlines and the forums, especially the list of new posts at the top right of the home page. There's nowhere to say it, but I am a satisfied & grateful participant in this excellent facility.
  64. Discussions and thoughts on varying issues.
  65. Forum
  66. the forum
  67. nothing specific
  68. local news
  69. The photos
  70. Forum
  71. Forum
  72. Forum
  73. Latest news
  74. Forum/news, as I like to know what's going on - just call me nosy.
  75. News and forum
  76. The information re local items/events
  77. Front page articles, calendar and Forum
  78. Hard to say, its all a useful way of keeping up with whats happening locally.
  79. News items and discussion forums
  80. Latest Forum Posts.
  81. Front page (rest is just meaningless cant)
  82. forum
  83. Forum
  84. Forum
  85. all important
  86. Forum
  87. Forum, Forum, Forum! It's brilliant!
  88. I like the Forum it keeps me up to date with local issues even though my children scoff at me for looking at the site so often but then they are interested when to know if there is any thing pertinent to them.
  89. up to date news on local issues
  90. Newsletter
  91. Local news
  92. Local News
  93. Forum - Its quality of moderation - ie there is a very high signal to noise ratio unlike the majority of internet forums Site in general - Its full of genuinely useful information
  94. Local News
  95. The forum is very informative and a good way to know what is going on in the area
  96. The site provides a very powerful mechanism for communicating issues about the community within the community. It is very useful and provides an increased sense of our special community.
  97. Forum
  98. The Forum
  99. Community spirit
  100. Forum

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18 May 2008

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