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Local election results

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The Conservatives held Brookmans Park and Little Heath in last nightís local elections.

There were three Tory gains elsewhere in Welwyn Hatfield at the expense of Labour and the Greens.

A third of Welwyn Hatfield Council was up for grabs last night, thatís 16 seats.

The Conservatives gained three, taking their total on the council to 35. Labour lost two and now have 10 seats. The Liberal Democrats remain the same with three seats and the Greens lost their only seat.

In Brookmans Park and Little Health, 40.37% turned out to vote, thatís 1,810 people.

Conservative councillor Stephen Boulton kept his seat with 1,471 votes, the Liberal Democrat's Jenny Blumsom came second with 125 votes, the Green's Kevin Pressland came third with 114 votes and Labourís Cathy Watson came fourth with 98 votes.

BBC News Online has full coverage on the local elections nationwide.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

May 4, 2007

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