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Best Band title for local group

By Tony Miller

Critical Path

Sore heads and bleary eyes a plenty after a night of wild celebration as Critical Path pull off an amazing victory to claim the crown for the Best New Band in Bedfordshire.

Up against local favourites S.W.A.N.K. a techno-duo with a strong vocal following, Death Metal giants Vs. Akira and the innovative jazz rock outfit The Thirty 6, Josh Woodhouse (vocals), Glenn Hammersley (guitar), Sam Miller (bass guitar) and Adam Levitt (drums) won the judges over with another sensational performance.

"To be honest they had us within 30 seconds of the first song and just got better and of the judges quipped "I better, we were off our seats," said one of the the judges, former Radio 1 supremo Janine Elliot, now running Greenbank Music Village.

Former Big Brother Contestant, celebrity Dan Bryan, another fancied them right from the start, but's that's another story".

A great evening played to a packed house saw the Band often turnihg round and playing to those loyal fans watching through the windows who couldn't get in.

"With the amount of fans we now have, we need to play bigger places but this will definitely do for now" said an ecstatic Sam.

12 May 2007

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