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Local band in two finals

By Tony Miller

Critical Path

Critical Path is a band featuring four teenagers from Brookmans Park, Potters Bar and Welham Green.

They are enjoying some success in the community having won through to the Finals in two "Battle of the Bands".

They are playing the first final on May 12 at the Castle Tavern in Luton, and a second final at the Horn in St. Albans on 21 June.

The four have just finalised their first EP featuring three of their own songs, 'Without Reason', 'Same Mistakes' and 'Nothing left to Fear'.

They will be releasing this at the Black Horse in Union Street Barnet on the 26 May, where the four band members, Josh Woodhouse (vocals), Glenn Hammersley (guitar), Sam Miller (bass guitar) and Adam Levitt (drums) will be performing live.

Previous gigs have been throughout the local area and their talents can be heard, and seen, on their web-site.

All are welcome on the 26 May and you may be fortunate to get the band to sign copies of their CDs on the night.

The tracks will be available to download from the web-site from 1 June.

12 May 2007

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