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Security fixes added to site

Padlock to illustrate spam measures - image courtesy of freefoto
Extra security measure have been added to try to beat the spammers

We have tried to plug a security loophole in a number of the community interactivity functions on the site following repeated spam attacks. It should prevent random entries being added.

This site has a What’s On Diary where people can add details of forthcoming local events.

There is also a Classified Adverts section where non-commercial goods can be bought and sold.

The Business Directory enables local firms in North Mymms to add details of the services they offer.

And the Community Directory is where local groups can post details of their organisations and activities. We have yet to fix the Community Directory, so that is still open to spamming until we do.

Please feel free to make full use of these services. They are available to all local residents, regardless whether they belong to this site’s forum or not.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

2 May 2006

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