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Second commuter followed from station

Brookmans Park station footbridge
The Brookmans Park station footbridge

British Transport Police are investigating a report that youths were lying in wait for commuters getting off the 23.11 train when it arrived in Brookmans Park from London on Wednesday night.

On Monday night a 55-year-old local man was mugged as he walked home from the station. That attack happened on the footbridge from Brookmans Park station to the village.

The man was returning home from London and had caught the 23.08 from Potters Bar. Click here to read about that incident.

Police appeal for witnesses

Writing in this site's forum, DC Mike Ganly of British Transport Police has appealed for information to help officers piece together a picture of the events leading up to Monday night's attack.

"The three males were in Brookmans Park Village for a period of time on Monday night, and I would like to hear from anyone who left the pub between 2230hrs and 2300hrs, or anyone who perhaps visited the area of the Green around that same time," he wrote.

Anyone who saw three youths fitting the description above can contact British Transport Police on 020 7320 0938 or the local police on 0845 33 00 222.

Second suspicious incident

On Wednesday night another local man, who doesn't want to be identified, got off the same train. In a message to this site he wrote...

"Fortunately, another passenger got off. At the bottom of the steps were three young black males in their late teens loitering around. They completely fitted the description of the attackers from Monday night. However, this time they were not wearing hoodies.

"I followed the other passenger very closely and overtook the youths near the ticket office before walking over the bridge. I believe the other passenger walked towards Welham Green and the youths followed me towards the village. Although they didn't say or do anything, it was obvious to me that if it was just one passenger getting off the train that passenger would probably have been mugged.

"I rang the police as soon as I got in and they said they would put a call out. I think people should be on their guard when travelling home late at night on the train."

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

18 May 2006

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