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Man mugged in village

Brookmans Park station footbridge
The footbridge where the mugging took place

A 55-year-old Brookmans Park man was mugged in the village late on Monday night as he walked home from the station. The man was not hurt but his family has warned others to be on their guard.

The attack happened on the footbridge from Brookmans Park station to the village. The man was returning home from London and had caught the 23.08 from Potters Bar.

As he crossed the bridge he was approached by three youths. At first they asked him if he had the time, then they asked him if he had any money and then if he had a mobile phone.

The man kept walking but they followed and told him that if he gave them what they wanted he would not be hit. He decided against taking them on and gave them his money and phone. The youths then walked away in the direction of Brookmans Park station. The man was unhurt but shaken by the ordeal.

When he got home he gave a detailed report to police including a description of the three youths who he says were all in their late teens, slim, about 5í10 to 6í tall, black and wearing hoods.

The manís jacket has been taken away by police for forensic tests. British Transport police are also investigating.

The victimís wife asked for the case to be highlighted on this site as a warning to others. She is hoping that anyone who saw three youths fitting the description above will contact the local police on 0845 33 00 222.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

16 May 2006

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