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Hall jubilee celebrations planned

North Mymms Memorial Hall - image courtesy of Bob Horrocks
North Mymms Memorial Hall - image courtesy of Bob Horrocks

The parish council is planning a week of events next year to mark the golden jubilee of the North Mymms Memorial Hall.

The hall is dedicated to the memory of the parish residents who died in the two World Wars.

A special one-off 'festival team' will be set up to organise the anniversary events.

This report by Bob Horrocks.

Located on Station Road, Welham Green, the North Mymms Memorial Hall first opened its doors on 7 November 1957. The parish council and the Hallís Management Committee intend to celebrate the Hallís golden jubilee on 7th November 2007. The first steps are raising awareness of this celebration, creating a festival team and enlisting a local celebrity to lead the team.

The planning of a Memorial Hall started in 1927 and it took 30 years to raise the money and build. In that time the community changed significantly with housing development and the creation of Brookmans Park in particular, and the change from an agriculture-based community.

The hall is dedicated to the memory of parish residents who gave their lives in two World Wars; 39 in the Great War and 20 in the Second World War.

The hall is held in trust by North Mymms Parish Council with the running of it delegated to a management committee. The uses of the hall range almost from A to Z, from afternoon teas and annual lunches, to dancing, drama, lectures, polling station, public meetings, salsa, Scrabble, tango and tae kwon do.

The week of events is proposed from Saturday 3 November 2007 through to Sunday 11 November, Remembrance Sunday. The parish council is contacting many local organisations in order to create a festival team.

Anyone who would like to assist can contact the Memorial Hall secretary by clicking here.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

14 May 2006

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