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Rich resource for local studies

Bell Bar
Bell Bar. A drawing by Buckler, 1840 courtesy of the County Record Office.
Groups of local school pupils have again been gathering information about the area's history and geology as part of their local studies projects.

This site has a rich collection of local information. All students are free to download and use anything contained on this site for educational purposes.

There is a local studies section of the site which pulls together all the information about the area's history and environment.

If you can't find what you are looking for you can always use the site's search facility, which is at the foot of every page. Simply type in a key word describing what you are looking for and a list of pages will be displayed.

There are also many photographs in this site’s a old photo gallery and the new photo gallery, which you are free to use, although the ones you take yourselves are bound to be much better.

If you have any questions you need answers to, you can ask them in a discussion thread in this site's forum, but please check with a teacher, parent, or guardian, before posting.

29 May 2006

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