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Tories take Welwyn Hatfield

Grant Shapps, the new MP for Welwyn Hatfield
Grant Shapps, the new MP for Welwyn Hatfield. Image courtesy of Grant Shapps MP
Grant Shapps is the new MP for Welwyn Hatfield. He polled 49.6%, with the defeated MP, Melanie Johnson, polling 36.3% - an 8% swing. Lib Dem, Sarah Bedford, polled 14.1%.

This represents a Conservative majority of 5,946, which is 13.3%. The turnout was 44,716, which is 68.1%, up 4.2% on the last election.

In the 2001 election Labour polled 43.2%, the Conservatives 40.4%, the Lib Dems 14.1%, and others 2.3%. Full result at BBC News Online.

In the County Council elections, Cllr Bill Storey has held Hatfield Rural for the Conservatives in the County Council elections.
Bill Storey<br>Counservative councillor Hatfield Rural
Cllr Bill Storey, Counservative councillor for Hatfield Rural. Image at Herts Direct

Cllr Storey secured 71.2% of the vote (4,783 votes), which is up 4.5% on the 2001 result.

Labour's Melvyn Jones came second with 804 votes, representing 12% of the vote, 1.8% down on 2001.

Jennifer Blumsom, of the Liberal Democrats, came third, polling 741 votes, which represents 11% of the vote, down 1.7% on the 2001 figure.

Gill Wright, of the Green Party, polled 351 votes, which represents 5.2% of the vote, down 0.6% on the 2001 figure. The turnout was 73.3%.

You can discuss the general election in this site’s forum. There is also a discussion thread about Melanie Johnson. There is also a thread for discussing the local elections.

6 May 2005

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