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WHDC report - fair, could do better

Welwyn Hatfield District Council logo
Welwyn Hatfield District Council has vowed to draw up an improvement plan to raise standards after the Audit Commission described local services as ‘fair’.

The commission examines the leadership, management, and financial arrangements of local authorities.

The scores given range from excellent, through good, to fair, then weak, and poor.

The Audit Commission report said that WHDC’s main strengths were that:

  • It provides a clean, well-maintained and attractive area for residents and visitors.
  • Its housing is of a high standard.
  • It has responded well to the closure of the former aerospace site, redeveloping it to provide a mix of residential and industrial provision.
  • Its finances are well managed.
However, the report also listed areas where WHDC needed to improve:
  • Its plans and priorities are too broad and general and do not provide sufficient direction.
  • The systems it uses to monitor its performance are weak and are not applied consistently throughout the organisation.
  • Local people report low levels of satisfaction with waste collection, parks and open spaces.
According to the council, the report noted that the authority is "in a process of change and development,...capable of leading sustained improvement."

The council says it is satisfied with the result and believes it is a realistic reflection of its performance.

WHDC says it will use the strengths and weaknesses identified in the report as a basis for an improvement plan to make sure it continues to raise its standards.

That improvement plan will be created in agreement with the Audit Commission, who will monitor the Council as it begins to implement the plan.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

9 May 2004

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