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Volunteers give parish a spring clean
By Bob Horrocks - Secretary NMDGBS

North Mymms Spring Clean
Joint organising NMDGBS committee member Carol McCarthy with her son and friends who, with some scouts, cleared the Woodside Lane lay-by, adjacent to the Texaco garage
Image courtesy of Bob Horrocks.
A community spring clean has resulted in dozens of black bin bags being filled with rubbish from some of the worst local litter black spots.

The event, organised by the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS), local scouts, and the Gobions Woodland Trust, saw dozens of volunteers wandering round the parish with black bin bags, gloves, and litter pickers.

One scout said the work was not as bad as he had expected with most of the Woodside Lane litter consisting of drink cans, fast food packaging, sweet wrappers, and sheets of polythene.

Other areas cleared included the North Mymms War Memorial grounds, Brookmans Park station car park, Station Road, and the access drive from Moffats Lane to Gobions Open Space.

Claire Taylor, chairman of the NMDGBS said everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. “The scouts were flabbergasted by the amount, and type, of rubbish they collected,” she said.

The other joint organiser, NMDGBS Deputy Chairman, Clive Bennett, said the litter at the swallow holes, off Swanland Road, included five Calor Gas canisters.

The NMDGBS would like to thank the scouts, parents, and other local residents for taking action rather than just complaining about litter.

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16 May 2004

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