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Have your say on smoke-free areas

Image of man smoking to illustrate the Smoke Free East campaign
The survey will gather information about smoking preferences
People living and working in Hertfordshire are being invited to take part in a survey about whether enclosed public places such as restaurants, pubs, and shopping centres should become smoke-free.

It is part of a campaign by Smoke Free East, which is funded by the Department of Health and includes local groups including Smoke Free Hertfordshire.

The aim of Smoke Free East is to improve the health of people by reducing their exposure to tobacco in the following areas:

  • Reducing exposure to second hand smoke
  • Reducing tobacco promotion
  • Regulating tobacco
  • Strengthening regional and local action and stop smoking services
  • Reducing supply and availability
  • Education and information.
The group says that the debate is not about banning smoking, but is about where smoking should be allowed and whether certain places should be completely smoke-free, mainly smoke free, mainly smoking or allow smoking throughout.

The survey runs until 20 June 2004. The organisers say every opinion counts and will inform local, regional, and national policy makers.

The survey takes only three minutes to complete and you do not have to submit your name or address.

Click here to take part in the Smoke Free East survey. You can discuss this issue in this site’s forum.

4 May 2004

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