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Donít give thieves an open invitation

Picture of a burglar climbing through a window
Police say burglars are on the look out for open windows
Police are again warning local residents not to invite thieves into their homes by leaving doors and windows open during the warm weather.

The seasonal warning (they issued a similar alert this time last year) comes as police aim to cut down on opportunist thefts.

They say burglars are on the look out for easy access during the warm weather because they know that many people leave their homes unlocked when they are in the garden.

Officers say that people must lock doors and close windows, even if they are only in the garden for a short time.

In an e-mail to this site, Hertfordshire Constabulary offers the following advice.

Safety in the home

  • Always shut and lock your doors even if you go upstairs or in the garden for a short time. A thief could be in and out in no time.
  • Leave any keys well away from doors and windows and out of sight within the house.
  • Create the lived-in look while on holiday by fitting timers to lights and stereos and cancelling milk and newspaper deliveries. Invite neighbours to park on your drive and ask them to keep an eye on the house.
Safety in the garden
  • Make sure that garden gates can be locked, fences are kept in good repair and shrubs are trimmed so the burglar does not have a screen to work behind.
  • Use automatic lighting in the garden so burglars have nowhere to hide.
  • Use substantial locks for garages, shed doors and outside storage areas. If valuable items are stored in the shed then additional security should be used.
Herts police say that if any local residents would like more advice, the Crime Prevention Officers can assist free of charge. They can be contacted through the local police station.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

7 May 2004

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