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Police to crack down on rowdy fans

Football Fans
Police will take "robust action" in response to public disorder incidents during Euro 2004.
Extra officers are to be deployed in town centres throughout Hertfordshire, ready to respond to any incidents of public disorder or crime in the build up and during Euro 2004.

Police say they have identified potential football trouble spots across the county.

Police warn that officers will take a "robust approach" to any such incidents and say offenders can expect to be arrested, charged, and taken to court.

The man responsible for co-ordinating policing arrangements for the duration of the tournament is Assistant Chief Constable Simon Parr. He said the police want people in Hertfordshire to enjoy Euro 2004 peacefully and safely.

"We will be deploying extra officers for the first three England matches and other identified key matches. Obviously, we hope that England will advance to the later stages of the tournament and will deploy further resources in this eventuality.

"We will be working closely with other agencies to ensure that people can enjoy watching matches in licensed premises in a good-spirited and lawful manner," he said.

The event gets underway on 12 June, with Englandís first match against France kicking off a day later.

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27 May 2004

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