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Youth and Community Centre ‘trashed’

The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre
The North Mymms Youth and Community Centre
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
Volunteers at the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre say they are sickened following a break-in which they say has left the premises ‘trashed’.

Police are investigating the incident, which happened some time between Saturday and Sunday morning.

According to Martin Ferdinando, one of the centre’s management committee, drawers were emptied and the contents strewn all over the floor.

He says doors to cupboards that were locked and which contained no more than children's plates, cutlery and art materials, were just ripped off their hinges.

And he said the vandalism was pointless. No money is kept at the centre and there is little of value stored there.

"Why people want to break in and trash a centre which is used as a children's nursery, hall for lettings, adult evening class venue and base for a number of local organisations such as the youth football team beats me," he said.

Mr Ferdinando has appealed to anyone who might have seen anything suspicious to contact the centre or the police.

"If people who regularly walk their dogs over the field or young people who use the BMX track could keep an eye out for the centre and report any suspicious activity to the police, that would help," he said.

It is not the first time the centre has been broken into and, along with the recent struggle to beat the fly tippers, the centre's resources are at full stretch.

The centre which is currently negotiating the extension of the lease with Welwyn Hatfield District Council before embarking on costly, but essential, maintenance and upgrading works needed to meet new disability access legislation.

Martin Ferdinando says the centre, which is run entirely voluntarily by people from the local community, said it is ill equipped to have to pay out for such 'petty destruction'.

"It is very disheartening and sickening when things like this happen. It makes one wonder why we bother," he said.

Hertfordshire police scene of crime team has attended and made a careful examination of the premises. According to Mr Ferdinando the police hope to make progress to find the culprits.

You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

11 May 2003

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