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Vet college expecting 400 weekend guests

The RVC site
Part of the recent development at the RVC site
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Up to 400 prospective students are expected to visit The Royal Veterinary College this Saturday for an open day.

A spokesperson for the RVC said the majority of students are expected to arrive by car and the visiting is likely to be concentrated in the morning.

Traffic police have been consulted and signs are being put up to guide motorists to the event on 17 May at the Hawkshead Lane campus.

According to the RVC the local residentsí association has been notified and the traffic will be monitored by RVC staff.

A minibus service will operate between the RVC and Potters Bar station.

If you have any queries or comments, you can contact John Fisher on 020 7468 5111, or e-mail him on

13 May 2003

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