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Local online postcards relaunched

One of the postcards, the bridge over the River Colne
Camera courtesy of Fujifilm
You can now send virtual postcards of Brookmans Park anywhere in the world for free, thanks to a new service on this site.

A postcard facility has existed on the Brookmans Park Newsletter before, but in the past it has been hosted on a commercial site and the service carried adverts which were not always appropriate.

Now a completely advert-free service has been set up and hosted on our servers, and there is no limit to the number of postcards you can send.

Click here to try the new postcard service out. Send yourself one first to check it out if you are the cautious type.

To launch the service, six views of North Mymms, all of which have been digitally processed to make them look like watercolour paintings, have been added.

Eventually there will be a wider selection on offer, and we particularly want people to contribute images, or ideas for new images, for inclusion on the page.

If you have a picture of the local area you would like to submit for consideration, please e-mail it to and we will take a look.

Please add a caption and say whether you want a credit for the picture in the caption below the postcard. Of course it has to be all your own work.

8 May 2003

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