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Police report an increase in arrests

Herts is still recruiting more officers

Hertfordshire Constabulary says its officers are now detecting more crimes and arresting more criminals than ever before.

The force says 3,552 more crimes were detected last year, with more than 1,587 criminals arrested compared with the figures for the previous year.

The constabulary says the increase is set against a shortage of officers.

According to the force, officers were more productive, with arrests per officer up 6% and detections per officer up 20%.

As far as recruitment goes, the force now says the year ended with an increase of more than 100 officers. The force says the policy of filling non-operational posts with civilian support staff put an extra 120 officer back to 'frontline duties'.

There is particular mention, in the latest force report, of the success of the ward constables. A total of 113 ward constables have now been appointed with the target set at 165.

The newsletter ‘Herts Beat’ will set out the figures and be delivered to more than 400,000 Hertfordshire homes during July.

29 May 2003

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