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Clicking around M25 delays

Highways Agency Map
Maps offer real-time information
Image from the Highways Agency site
You can now find out about delays on the M25 before you leave home and at the click of a mouse.

Drivers, if they have access to the internet before they start their journeys, are now able to view real-time updates, complete with links offering full details of delays, on all sections of the motorway.

Links, in the form of coloured speedometers, highlight problem areas.

A green speedometer indicates an area where the speed is currently greater than 50 mph, amber shows where the speed is 30 mph to 50 mph, and red shows where the traffic speed is less than 30 mph.

When you click on the coloured speedometers you are taken to the latest information on traffic volumes and current traffic speeds on that particular section of the motorway.

The facility has been set up by the Highways Agency, which exists to maintain and improve Englandís trunk roads and motorways. It is being offered on a trial basis with a view to introducing a full service in 2004.

Another site also has an interactive map covering the entire network for those planning longer routes and wanting to know the likely traffic problems for the whole journey.

You can download real-time information on the A1(M), the M11 and all the other main routes.

The service covers the whole country, with fast links to known blackspots including London, Kent, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

When you load these maps you can hover your mouse over problem areas to reveal more details. You can also click on various junctions to zoom in on particular areas.

Links to this facility have been added to the Travel section on the left of the front page so that they will be easier to find for future use.

23 May 2003

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