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Politicians back green belt campaign

Some residents had to evacuate their homes in October 2000
According to the NMDGBS, more than 64 acres would be taken out of the local green belt
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Local politicians have given their support to the campaign to protect more than 60 acres of local green belt land from the developers.

Labour MP and under-secretary of state for competition, consumers and markets, Melanie Johnson has given her full backing to those aiming to protect the green belt.

Miss Johnson has written to Welwyn Hatfield District Council expressing her concerns. She has also sent a note to the developers the Marshmoor Consortium.

The local MP has been joined in the campaign by the prospective conservative parliamentary candidate for the area, Grant Shapps.

The North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS) is concerned that if the planning rules are relaxed in the Welwyn Hatfield District plan, it could lead to up to 700 homes being built locally.

A meeting of 185 local residents, organised by the NMDGBS, heard that such a move could lead to local villages merging and the character of the area changing forever. The meeting agreed to lodge objection regarding three sites.

A public inquiry is taking place in May to July, held at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City. The NMDGBS says it will attend that inquiry.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

22 May 2003

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