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A summer of road diversions

Some residents had to evacuate their homes in October 2000
Residents of Warrengate Road set off to stay with relatives during the floods of October 2000
  Camera courtesy of Fujifilm

Drivers face six months of diversions as flood alleviation work gets underway alongside Warrengate Road.

Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) says parts of two roads will be closed for 26 weeks, during the period from 19 May and 27 October.

Already, Station Road, between Potterells and the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre, is to close for a month from Monday 19 May for bridge repair work.

Now, work to build flood defences along Warrengate Road will mean more local diversions via Welham Green and through Brookmans Park.

The details are contained in a public notice issued by HCC, the text, as it appears in the official notice, is reproduced below.

Hertfordshire County Council


NOTICE is given that Hertfordshire County Council has made an Order under Section 14 [1 ] of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to prohibit all traffic from using the following lengths of roads, except for access:-

  1. that length of Warrengate Road, North Mymms from its junction with Bradmore Lane southwards to its junction with Swanland Lane, a distance of approximately 900 metres.

    The alternative route for traffic will be via:
    - Swanland Road, Dixons Hill Road, Station Road, Bluebridge Road
    - Hawkshead Lane (between Bluebridge Road and a point 100 metres east of the junction with Warrengate Road).

  2. that length of Hawkshead Lane, North Mymms, from its junction with Warrengate Road eastwards, a distance of approximately 100 metres.

    The alternative route for traffic will be via:
    - Swanland Road, Dixons Hill Road, Station Road, Bludebridge Road
    - Hawkshead Lane (between Bluebridge Road and a point 100 metres east of the junction with
    Warrengate Road).

The link road (between the junction with Swanland Road and the junction with Warrengate Road) will also be closed.

ADDITIONALLY: Suspend, for traffic following the specified diversion route, The district of Welwyn Hatfield (Various Roads, Welham Green) (Weight Restriction) Order 1980 insofar as it applies to Station Road, and to Dixons Hill Road from Dixons Hill Close north eastwards to Station Road.

The purpose of the Order is to enable works to take place in connection with construction of a flood alleviation scheme.

The sections of roads will each be closed for up to 26 weeks sometime during the period 19 May 2003 till 27 October 2003, when signs are in place.

If you have any queries about the construction of flood alleviation scheme or closures, please contact the Project Engineer concerned Tony Kirstein tel. 01276 454512 at Environment Agency.

A.L Laycock
County Secretary
County Hall, Hertford
Herts SG13 8DE

Hertfordshire County Council - 15 May 2003

In October 2000 some residents had to evacuate their homes after the Mimmshall Brook burst its banks and flooded Warrengate Road and some nearby houses.

Now, according to the North Mymms District Green Belt Society (NMDGBS), new metal floodgates will be installed on Warrengate Road, just north of the junction with Hawkshead Lane.

The work involves the removal of some trees but, according to the NMDGBS, a new 'nature area' will be created to compensate.

A spokesman for the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) says the Environment Agency served a notice on the RVC, and others, under the Water Resources Act 1991 for the clearance of certain trees in advance of the work.

The work is being carried out by Alfred McAlpine Ltd under the supervision of Halcrow Consulting Engineers.

You can discuss this issue in this site’s Forum.

19 May 2003

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