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Report hate crime online

Reporting Crime Online
A simple form enables people to report crime online

Herts police have set up a new facility for reporting hate crime online.

The force has sent this site details of the scheme so that local residents can be made aware of, and can make use of, the new service.

Hate crime includes abuse, threats, harassment, bulling and insults. A full list is published below.

An online form has been set up to enable users to send reports of incidents directly to force HQ.

The on-line reporting system has been developed so that victims can report a crime without leaving their homes or without having to pick up the phone.

According to Community Safety Officer, Sue Hobbs, the idea is to make more information and facilities available to people who are able to contact the police online.

"People who are surfing the police website can easily find the self-reporting forms on the hate crime information pages. If they have experienced problems, or have been the victim of a crime because of who they are or what they believe in, they can report it directly online to get help and advice," she said.

Sue Hobbs says people who require police attendance and are not online can still report via the other methods listed on the site - by calling into a police station or by telephoning - as the web is not yet a 24-hour response service.

People can phone (01707-638100) or visit their local police station. They can also contact the local hate crime officer or contact other reporting centres throughout the county. As always, if it is an emergency, people should dial 999.

Herts police have sets out what people can report under the hate crime category:

  • Physical attacks, being assaulted
  • Harassment
  • Threats
  • Disputes with your neighbours
  • People swearing at you or making abusive remarks
  • People doing things that frighten, intimidate or distress you
  • Bullying at school or college
  • Arson
  • Spitting, insulting gestures.
Other kinds of crime can also be reported online and this site has an article on how one local resident successfully used the service.

You can discuss crime issues in this site's forum.

22 May 2003

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