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Armed and dangerous intruder in area

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Police say offender is violent and dangerous
Police have issued an urgent warning to all local residents following nine violent burglaries in the area in six days.

Officers suspect it is the work of one man and say local patrols are being stepped up in the Welwyn Hatfield district in the hunt for the offender.

In a recorded message to this site, police say a male offender has been forcing his way into a number of homes and threatening residents with knives and other objects.

They say he either enters homes through any open doors and windows, or calls at the front door and then pushes past the occupant and into the house.

He demands money as he forces his victim around the house while threatening them with a knife or any object he can find.

Police describe the offender as white or Mediterranean in appearance with a rugged complexion.

He is about 30 years old and six foot tall, with short brown hair, a thin drawn face and piercing blue eyes.

He has been wearing a blue and brown jumper with blue jeans and often wears yellow industrial gloves.

Police are advising local residents not to leave doors open and not to answer the door to strangers.

If anyone has any information that might help police arrest the offender, they are encouraged to call DS Andy Dixon on 01707-638234.

If someone does call at your home and you suspect them of being a threat, you are urged to ring 999.

Police say such incidents in Welwyn Hatfield are extremely rare, but they want people to be on their guard until the offender is apprehended.

They have also asked users of this site to tell any neighbours who might not have access to the internet about the police alert.

31 May 2003

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