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New visitors revealed in bird survey

Buzzards appear to be making North Mymms home
Image courtesy of Ash Midcalf - Bird Check UK

The buzzard appears to be making its home in North Mymms along with seven species of bird not seen locally in recent years.

In the previous seven years there has been a steady increase in buzzard sightings, but in 2002 the bird was seen or heard in the local area during eleven months of the year.

This is double the number of recorded monthly sighting for the whole of the previous six years. Click here to read more about the buzzard.

The latest bird survey for the area, carried out by ornithologist Rupert Pyrah, identifies a total of eight species which had not been seen in the area during recent surveys.

According to Rupert, buzzard breeding was confirmed in Hertfordshire for the first time in the 20th century, in 1996.

The figures show the number of months in each year a species was seen or heard in a ten kilometre square area covering Hatfield Aerodrome, Little Berkhamsted, Northaw and South Mimms.

The area covered most intensively by the survey is Brookmans Park and North Mymms Park.

Records for all the surveys since 1995 are reproduced on this site.

Click here to view the first of four pages of images and details of sightings.

Other newcomers since the surveys began being reproduced on this site include the hawfinch, little egret, the red kite, the mandarin duck, the hen harrier, the redshank, the long-eared owl and the sedge warbler.

Click here to read Rupert Pyrah's bird survey 2002 in full.

15 April 2003

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