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Door-to-door charity assets frozen

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The envelopes given out by the charity
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Door-to-door collections are underway in Brookmans Park for the charity Breast Cancer Research (Scotland).

However, according to BBC News Online, the bank accounts of the Scottish charity have been frozen after a judge heard that only a small amount of the money it raised went to good causes.

The BBC says Lord Drummond Young also ordered that Breast Cancer Research (Scotland) should be banned from representing itself as a charity.

It was claimed at the Court of Session that only 1.5m of the 13.2m it raised went to good causes.

Many people in Brookmans Park will have had envelopes dropped through the door asking for donations.

Friday 23 May, was the night volunteers were told to call to collect them.

It might be that some of the collectors don't know the background to the charity. Please be gentle with them, they might not be aware of the judge's ruling and will no doubt be collecting with good intentions.

One collector, a local person, when challenged by another local resident who had just heard about the situation on the news, said she had been pressurised into taking part in the collections.

She said that now she knew the background, she was going to return to the houses she had collected from and explain the situation.

You can discuss this in the forum.

23 May 2003

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