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Herts slams airport expansion plans

The coalition is worried about the environmental impact of more runways
Image courtesy of FreeFoto
A coalition of three local authorities says plans to expand the region's airports are unacceptable and based on inaccurate planning assumptions.

Herts, East Herts and Essex are urging the government to think again, following a meeting with the British Airports Authority (BAA) this week.

The coalition claims BAA has ‘significant concerns, particularly over the road and rail network’ and says that without such an infrastructure in place before the additional runways come on stream, the government’s proposals are unworkable.

The group representing the three local authorities is particularly concerned about the ability of the M25 to cope with the projected increase in airport-related traffic.

The coalition also wants to the government to pay more attention to the environmental and social impact of its expansion plans, particularly the impact of noise, pollution and traffic.

You can discuss this issue in the forum.

14 April 2003

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