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Face-lift for Welham Green station

Report by WRUG committee member

Welham Green station is going to be given a face-lift over the next few weeks. The decision comes following a recent meeting between the Welham Green Rail Users Group (WRUG) and representatives from WAGN,

According to the latest meeting minutes, the platform edge is due to be repaired, and a programme of works has been agreed for the resigning and repainting of the station with new purple/grey WAGN livery. The work should take place within about six weeks.

Other matters raised at the meeting included a report from a recent meeting with Melanie Johnson, the local MP, the tragic accident at Potters Bar on 10th May, a discussion of late night services and why one stops at Brookmans Park but not Welham Green, and an update on compensation claims. For further information on any of these issues, have a look at the meeting minutes.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th July at The Sibthorpe Arms, Welham Green 7.30pm. Everyone welcome! Bring family and friends. WRUG would be interested in hearing from any users of the railway, from either Welham Green or Brookmans Park. For further information, you can email Julia.

You can discuss rail issues in the Brookmans Park Forum.

Report by WRUG committee member

May 31st, 2002

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