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New improved search engine

The Brookmans Park Newsletter now has a completely new and more dynamic search engine. It enables users to instantaneously flick through the thousands of pages of local information on this site, examine a dozen complete local history books and find references to more than 10,000 local names dating back to the Domesday Book.

The search facility will also enable you to go through all the posts in this site's Forum looking for key words. This will be particularly useful if you are trying to find out whether people have already been discussing a subject you are interested in before you post.

The improved search should also make the content on this site more useful for those researching local history. Pupils from both Brookmans Park Primary and Chancellor's School have been using the site as part of their local history studies. Remember, for historical and genealogical searches, please put in all variations of the name you are looking for because of the evolution of spelling over the centuries covered by this site.

The search box sits on the main page of this site and on the news index page.

This new search facility, which sits on the Brookmans Park Newsletter database, replaces the commercial search engine 'Freefind' that has served this site well for the last five years. Happy searching.

May 28, 2002

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