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Local online residents' association update

The North Mymms Online Residents' Association, NMORA, is to wait until September before tackling its first issue.

In April, a note was posted in the forum asking whether it was time to set up a virtual residents' association to act on some of the issues being raised by locals.

The previous North Mymms Residents' Association folded in 2000 due to a lack of interest.

Based on the quality of debate in the Brookmans Park Newsletter Forum, it was felt that perhaps a virtual association could help bring positive change.

The idea was that NMORA, the North Mymms Online Residents' Association, could act as a conduit for gathering information about the strength of public opinion and deliver it to those responsible for bringing about change.

A constitution was drafted and a number of people volunteered to be part of a committee making up NMORA. The feeling now is that NMORA should continue to gather members with a view to identifying and tackling its first issue after the summer holidays are over.

Anyone interested in joining please post here or e-mail nmora

May 27, 2002

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