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Digger needed for BMX track work

A small mechanical digger is needed to help fashion a BMX track for local youth behind the North Mymms Youth and Community Centre.

Volunteers have carried out a survey of the site and plans are being drawn up for the course and the various features. But it is felt the whole project would be given a massive boost if some professional equipment could be borrowed to help with the heavier work.

The volunteers, including local scouts, are planning to rebuild the track in order to provide a recreational facility for the area's youth. They eventually hope to extend the facility and introduce new BMX features to make it more challenging.

Local scout leader, James Bentall, says he has had offers of help from a number of local people but is always keen for more. You can reach James by e-mail at scouts or phone him on (01707) 275771.

The team has had the offer of some tools and equipment but what they really need is a small digger. Writing in this site's forum, James says it doesn't need to be a big digger but the type builders use on smaller jobs.

“Does anyone have access to one, or know of someone who does? Would they be willing to come and help me for an hour or so with it? I wouldn't be able to pay anything as it is a community project, but can give you or your company as much publicity in the local press etc that I can!” he writes.

The team is planning to do the work sometime over half-term (June 1-8th) with the exact dates yet to be decided. A note will be posted in the Forum when the times have been agreed.

The BBC has an excellent site about BMX.

The issue of finding a place for many of the area's young people to ride their bikes has been well aired in the teenagers' section of the Forum.

The Community Centre Committee gave permission for the work to be carried out.

May 26, 2002

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