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Power failure blacks out parts of Brookmans Park

A blackout affected parts of Brookmans Park for up to two hours last night, (Monday, May 14). The power went down around 18:30 and returned to most homes by 20:15.

According to a spokesperson for the company responsible for maintaining the supply, the fault was in the overhead lines at the west Potters Bar primary substation. The spokesperson said up to 100 homes were affected. There were 22 calls reporting the fault.

TXU Energi, formerly Eastern Electricity, is responsible for delivering the power supply to homes either via overhead power lines or underground cables.

If your power fails again you should ring 0800-783-8838 to report the fault. Before calling, users are urged to check ...

  • whether any fuses have blown
  • whether a trip switch is off
  • whether the meter needs a token
  • whether neighbours are without power

May 14, 2002

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