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Path re-opening plan - ramblers consulted

Local ramblers are being asked to help the council identify paths that should be opened following the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

Hertfordshire County Council says it is re-opening more than 50 rights of way every day. There are now more than 1,600 routes with the 'Green For Go' notices to show that they are open for use by the public.

However many local paths remain closed and the public is being invited to help the local authority identifying suitable routes for opening.

Charlie Watson, Hertfordshire County Council's Director of Environment says his staff are working steadily to open as many paths as possible although they are still taking care to avoid any risk to livestock.

“We're aiming to have most of the county open for business as usual in the next few weeks. So we're working as quickly as we can without being careless and without forgetting that we all want to protect Hertfordshire from the terrible ravages of this disease. It's been a difficult job because there are so many livestock sites in the county,” he said.

The authority's website is updated regularly with lists of open routes. The lists are also on display at all the county's libraries and at district council offices.

Green notices inform the public that a route is open. If you don't see a green open sign or a rural rights of way or site, then the site or route is still closed.

The authority says that where routes or sites have been assessed and remain closed this is due to proximity of susceptible livestock or the need for the land to be used as grazing by susceptible livestock in the future.

If there is an infection in Hertfordshire, or if users do not comply with the Code Of Conduct, routes and sites may be closed again and removed from the list.

May 27, 2001

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