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Parish council challenged over Gobions

Local residents are calling on North Mymms Parish Council to re-open Gobions Open Space. A number of people have written to this site questioning the closure and now one correspondent has suggested a petition be started calling for an end to the ban.

Gobions Open Space

Should North Mymms PC re-open Gobions Open Space?

Yes, the council has over reacted.

No, there is still a risk.

I don't care either way.

Note: Please do not vote more than once.

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Now you can take part in a poll as to whether North Mymms Parish Council should re-open the public area or write your views as usual in the 'Have Your Say' section of the site.

The latest call comes as Hertfordshire announces that it has now opened more than a thousand paths as foot-and-mouth restrictions are eased nationwide.

The authority has also re-opened dozens of local woods but the Parish Council run Gobions Open Space remains closed.

One local resident, writing in the 'Have Your Say' section says she was in touch with North Mymms Parish Council two weeks ago and was told a letter was being sent to the local farmer asking when it would be convenient to re-open the area.

“I called today (Thursday, May 3) and was told the letter had not yet been sent,” she wrote.

The correspondent is now thinking about writing to the Chief Executive of Hertfordshire County Council and the local MP. She says she would like to set up a meeting with local community representatives to discuss the issue.

Have Your Say
Should Gobions Open Space be re-opened?
Have Your Say

She is also suggesting a petition be drawn up calling for the access ban to be lifted.

And she thanks the trustees of neighbouring Gobions Woodland Trust who decided to keep the popular woods open throughout the outbreak.

May 4, 2001 Europe has a special section with the latest news and background information on the foot-and-mouth outbreak.

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