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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Crime figures 2/ 2001 issue
compiled by local police officer
Vojislav Mihailovic

6 Burglary (dwelling)
2 Burglary (others)
14 Theft or Damage to Motor Vehicle
1 Theft
2 Assault
2 Damage
1 Robbery

Latest crime figures show there has been an increase in theft from or damage to motor vehicles for the first three months of 2001 compared to the same period last year.

Community police officer Vojislav Mihailovic, in his latest Neighbourhood Watch report, says particular areas of concern are Little Heath in the areas of Coopers Road, Thornton Road and Swanley Bar Lane.

Total car crimes for the first three months of 2001 rose to 14.

There have been a number of nighttime burglaries, particularly at premises not protected by alarms. Cuffley has been particularly badly hit.

PC Mihailovic reminds residents that alarm with the capacity to zone downstairs when people are asleep upstairs work well.

And he has another warning for people who feel their gardens are safe from burglars.

“Not included in our crime figures, but occurring elsewhere in the area, are thefts from gardens of ornaments and furniture which have been left out. As yet we have not suffered this but please beware,” he writes.

The community police officer reminds residents of the recent press coverage about coaches using Moffats Lane and says the police can’t get involved.

“The police service will not and must not be drawn into any such controversy over this. This is clearly a matter for the local highways department.”

“We will deal with matters of safety and any allegations of obstruction on a case by case basis as each has to be judged upon its merits,” he writes.

And the newsletter also warns again of bogus callers.

“People who claim to be from the Water Board, Gas Board and other utilities continue to prey upon the elderly and the vulnerable. It is also the time of the year when bogus tree fellers and drive builders appear on doorsteps. If you want to risk paying exorbitant prices for second rate work, these are the people for you,” PC Mihailovic writes.

May 2001

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