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Wildlife "leaving Leach Fields"

muntjac deer - image courtesy of Wikipedia
Muntjac deer

Local conservationists are reporting an increase in muntjac deer around Gobions Pond in recent days.

They claim it could be due to the changes currently taking place in neighbouring Leach Fields, which have now been closed to the public.

In an email, copied to this site, those monitoring the situation say that the brambles and hedgerows of Leach Fields were a haven for the muntjac.

Last week there were fears that hedgerows and brambles were being cleared. Later, police intervened in an effort to protect the hedges.

However, it is known that areas of brambles were used, along with earth, to create barriers in order to prevent walkers accessing the fields.

It is understood there have been seven sightings of muntjac around Gobions Pond recently. There has also been an increase in the number of rabbits in the area. This, according to conservationists, is unusual.

In an email to this site, those monitoring the situation say it appears that wildlife is "leaving Leach Fields".

"The brambles in Leach Fields were known as a haven for muntjac. If large swathes of brambles were cleared from Leach Fields yesterday afternoon, as an adjoining householder reports, it seems likely that animals have been driven from there. The large area of bramble, in the north west of the fields was well over three feet high."

The email has been also been sent to local police and others concerned about the impact of the change of status of Leach Fields on local wildlife.

You can discuss the Leach Fields in this site's forum.

31 March 2009

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