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Gobions path temporarily closed

Gobions footpath closed
Footpath diversion notice

A path through Gobions Woodland has been temporarily closed following the removal of two footbridges earlier this week.

Red and white tape now cordons off the popular path.

Walkers are being advised to use alternative routes until the path can be made safe or an alternative route opened.

Volunteer Warden for the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, June Redgrove, has posted information about the closure at the entrance to the path.

"On Wednesday 23rd of March, contractors working in Leach Fields destroyed two bridges at the bottom of this parth, as a result access to Gobions Wood is dangerous.

Unfortunately, HMWT is unable to inspect the site until Monday, when the situation will be assessed and appropriate action decided upon. Until the path can be made safe, or an alternative constructed, the path will remain closed.

"If you wish to go into Gobions Wood from Gobions Open Space, please use Oak Tree Path at the far end of the lake. Access to the wood can also be gained from the footpath in Bluebridge Road, the entrance in Mymms Drive, or the path from the Folly Arch.

"Whilst this may be inconvenient, your cooperation is appreciated at this difficult time."

A busy week in Leach Fields

Gobions footpath closed
Gobions footpath closed

The future of the area has been uncertain since the turn of the year after Leach Homes refused to extend the lease on the land, which had been rented by the Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) for use as a nature conservation area for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Yesterday police were called in following reports that hedgerows in Leach Fields were at risk.

Earlier in the week barricades were erected at the popular entrances to Leach Fields. A day later those barricades were damaged.

Contractors then blocked the entrances with earth and brambles. It was also reported that the two footbridges, referred to above, had been removed.

That was followed by reports that a digger had been damaged in Leach Fields. A security company was then hired to patrol the Leach Fields.

Concern continued to be expressed in this site's forum, reflected on this site, about the protection of mature oaks and elms and wildlife in the Leach Fields.

Police moved in yesterday following reports that hedgerows were being removed.

The community PCSO, Dave Wardell, is now calling on local residents to come forward with as much information as possible about the importance of the area for local wildlife.

If anyone has any information to help PCSO Wardell in his enquiries, they are asked to contact the local community police team on 01707-638112 or 08453300222.

You can discuss the Leach Fields in this site's forum.

27 March 2009

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