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Gobions path to be inspected

Footpath diversion removed
Footpath diversion removed

Tape blocking access to the West Path in Gobions Wood has been removed as some local walkers ignore a plea to avoid the area.

Last week, two footbridges along the path were removed as work continued to secure Leach Fields from public access.

As a result, and following an inspection from the local volunteer warden for the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT), the West Path was deemed to be dangerous.

A notice, placed at the north end of the path warned walkers to use an alternative route. Representatives from the HMWT will inspect the path on Monday with a view to ensuring the safety of walkers.

However, with no warning signs at the south end of the path, it's clear by the flattened earth that walkers have been navigating the small stream and continuing to use the path.

Plea to avoid West Path

Volunteer Warden for the HMWT, June Redgrove, has again posted in this site's forum appealing to walkers to avoid the area until the inspection has been carried out.

"The path is not safe for everyone to walk there. Trudging over the broken bridges or trampling a deviation can cause further damage. There is plenty of safe access to the wood. Please cooperate," she wrote.

Two more access points blocked

Another access point blocked
Another access point blocked

Earth, brambles and branches have been placed against two of the lower entrances to Leach Fields, as contractors continue to block the area to walkers.

The blocked paths both linked Gobions Wood to the Leach Fields from the West Path.

Meanwhile, some local residents, who have been walking across Leach Fields for several years, are gathering names for an approach to the Ramblers Association in an effort to establish rights of way across the land. More about this in this site's forum.

A busy week in Leach Fields

The week started with walkers noticing that contractors were blocking Leach Fields. This led to concern, expressed in this site's forum that trees and wildlife could be at risk.

A fence was then removed, which resulted in more work to block paths. It was then reported that two footbridges on the West Path in Gobions Wood, had been removed.

The next day it was reported that a digger in Leach Fields had been damaged. This resulted in security patrols being introduced to protect Leach Fields.

Local residents were concerned about the protection of the hedgerows following reports that some were being removed. Police responded to those concerns, visited the site and warned the contractors to leave hedgerows intact.

Towards the end of the week the West Path in Gobions Wood was temporarily closed.

You can discuss the Leach Fields in this site's forum.

28 March 2009

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