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Gobions handover complete

Gobions Woodland Trust handover ceremony
Handover ceremony

Three years after it was first announced, Gobions Woodland has now officially changed hands and is now part of the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT). The popular local wildlife site will be managed by HMWT, and Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) will continue to play a part in that role .

Judy Adams, the Chief Executive of HMWTsaid that the organisation was thrilled to be taking on the responsiblity for what she called 'this special place' and she paid tribute to the Gobions Woodland Trust's care of the area.

"We are very grateful for the commitment, inspiration and good work undertaken by the Gobions Woodland Trust over the years. We are proud to have this opportunity to continue their work and look forward to working with them and local people to manage this lovely nature reserve into the future."

Gobions Woodland Trust, with support from local people, secured the land in 1986 to save the woodland and adjoining pasture from the being developed.

Gobions Wood is mostly made up of ancient woodland and includes the remains of the 18th century pleasure gardens of Gubbins House, designed by Charles Bridgeman, Royal Gardener to King George II.

Plans for the transfer were revealed in the GWTís annual report for 2005, written by the late Michael Jonas, MBE, a trustee.

However, the idea was originally discussed back in 2002 when the Gobions Woodland Trust set out its five year plan.

This afternoon, representatives from GWT, the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, local council officials, the Deputy Mayor, and volunteers, supporters and regular visitors to the woodland gathered for the handover ceremony.

During the handover a cheque was presented following the sale of 500 Gobions calendars, which made a profit of £1,438. Another Gobions calendar is planned for 2010.

Gobions Woodland will still remain open to the public and those who, as members of the volunteer Gobions Working Parties, have spent every Sunday morning maintaining the area will still continue to do so. Volunteers are always welcome.

You can discuss this issue in this siteís forum.

20 March 2009

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