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Dangerous grill warning

dangerous cookers identified by Herts Trading Standards
One of the faulty cookers

Local trading standards officers are asking residents to check their cookers following the issuing of a safety warning by two companies.

A Hertfordshire Trading Standards investigation discovered that if the grill is operated with the grill door closed, dangerous levels of carbon monoxide build up.

Owners of certain models of cooker in the Leisure and Flavel brands made by Watford-based BEKO, and cookers in the New World and Belling brands made by Knowsley-based Glen Dimplex, are being urged to check the product model number of their cookers.

A warning notice has been issued urging people to arrange for a free inspection and modification if you have the following BEKO brands and product numbers.

  • Leisure - CM10NRK
  • Leisure - CM10NRC
  • Leisure - AL6NDW
  • Leisure - CM101NRCP
  • Leisure - CM101NRKP
  • Flavel - DCGAP5LS
  • Flavel - AP5LDW
  • Flavel - Milano ML5NDS

If you have any of the models above you are urged to call Freephone 0800 294 3129 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.

And Dimplex has put out a similar warning notice about its brands and product numbers that are affected.

  • New World Vision - 50TWLM Silver 444445698
  • New World Vision - 50TWLM White 444445697
  • New World Vision - 50WLM Silver 444445020
  • New World Vision - 50WLM White 444445021
  • Belling - G755 White 050531081
  • Belling - G755 Anthracite 050531082
  • Belling - GT755 White 444449050
  • Belling Countrychef - 100G Silver 444445945
  • Belling Countrychef - 100G Anthracite 444445946

For a safety inspection call 0800 294 3128 with your product code and serial number.

Hertfordshire Trading Standards says its officers have been working closely with Watford-based BEKO, including drawing up a public safety warning notice, effective implementation of the modification and giving advice on creating a database of customers.

If you have elderly parents living alone, please check with them, too. You can discuss this issue in this site's forum.

15 March 2009

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