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Leach Fields security hut fire

Leach Field security van fire
Fire crews damping down

A security guard working in the Leach Fields is being treated in hospital for 30% burns following a fire at a security hut parked in Leach Fields on Monday evening.

An officer on the scene says the burns are not thought to be life threatening.

The alarm was raised by a local resident who says they saw the security guard, with his clothing on fire, running out of the van.

Three fire engines were are the scene along with an ambulance, paramedics and three police vehicles.

security hut after fire
The security hut after the fire

Police are investigating the cause of the fire, but at this stage they say they think it was 'industrial' and do not think any third party was involved.

However investigations are continuing and officers will update this site when more information is available.

Leach Fields were recently closed to the public. It had been a popular walking area.

You can discuss the Leach Fields in this site's forum.

30 March 2009

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