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Burglars target local newsagent

Police forensic officers at Brookmans Park News
Police forensic officers at Brookmans Park News

Brookmans Park News has fallen victim of another smash and grab raid, the fourth in recent years.

Thieves used towing chains attached to their vehicle to tear back the protective shutters before smashing their way into the store.

They escaped with a large quantity of cigarettes, postage stamps and the contents of the cash register.

Manager and owner Mayur Patel was alerted soon after one oíclock on Sunday morning 23 March.

According to Mr Patel, a police helicopter tracked the thieves, believed to be four men, as they made their getaway.

He says the thieves then abandoned their vehicle and ran in different directions. Itís not known whether any were caught.

The Herts police scientific unit has been dusting down all surfaces at Brookmans Park News this morning. Officers are keen to hear from anyone who saw or heard anything happening at the Bradmore Green shop.

For Mayur Patel meanwhile itís business as usual as he starts to clear up the damage of yet another attack on his shop.

You can comment on this issue in a discussion thread running this siteís forum.

23 March 2008

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