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Police promise 'robust action'

community policing

Hertfordshire Constabulary is creating a website entitled Safer Neighbourhoods as part of its promise to take ‘robust action’ in tackling community concerns.

Police say the initiative will offer local residents a greater say in how their neighbourhoods are policed.

“Communities must and will have opportunities to make choices around neighbourhood policing priorities. In return the constabulary will listen and will actively seek out the views of residents in negotiating local priorities,” the publicity for the site says.

“The constabulary will take robust action in tackling community concerns and will use partnership problem solving to make a difference. The constabulary believes that community-owned solutions are more sustainable in the long term.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary is also promising to give local communities feedback on the progress of cases and issues.

“It will be up to our communities to decide if we have been successful. We believe active and responsive communication is the key to our success.”

The site is expected to go live in April. You can discuss this issue in the forum.

8 March 2008

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