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MP launches public discussion forum

The local Conservative MP, Grant Shapps, has set up an online discussion forum for residents in Welwyn Hatfield and says it has attracted 200 members in the first five days.

Mr Shapps, who lives in Brookmans Park, says the idea was partly inspired by the Brookmans Park Newsletter’s forum.

He says he is planning to introduce topics "to cover all the main concerns in Welwyn Hatfield."

Mr Shapps says he is not sensitive about people posting whatever they have to say, "as long as it’s not insulting, rude, etc."

The site says the forum is "Moderated by Grant Shapps", but the MP says he is "introducing individuals with interests in different areas to moderate their own section of the forum".

The site is entitled "Campaigning for Welwyn Hatfield." It has a sub heading entitled "Ideas that will change our country. Time to meet Grant Shapps MP and get more involved", however, Mr Shapps says there will be no political censorship on the forum.

Registration is free and you can visit the forum and sign up by clicking

You can discuss this issue in a thread running in this site’s forum.

3 March 2006

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