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Hosepipe ban for Three Valleys

Gardeners will have to disconnect sprinklers until further notice

A local hosepipe ban has been introduced and will continue indefinitely.

Three Valleys Water says the measure has been taken because the region is experiencing the worst drought for 30 years.

Three Valleys says water levels are below normal following two years of low winter rainfalls in the region.

Six other water companies in the south east have also announced hosepipe bans and are working with the Environment Agency to try to combat the effects of the drought.

The ban means that a hosepipe can’t be used to water a private garden or wash a private car. Garden sprinklers and irrigation systems are also banned.

Three Valleys has set up an area online called ‘Report a Waterhog’ where people can report cases - and name individuals - if they feel the ban is being ignored. Click here for the ‘Report a Waterhog’ page.

You can discuss this issue in a thread running in this site’s forum.

30 March 2006

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