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Gobions woodland changes hands

Gobions Woodland
The canal, one of the features of Gobions Woodland
Ownership of Gobions Woodland is to be gifted to the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust, although the popular wildlife site will still be managed by Gobions Woodland Trust.

News of the transfer was announced in the Gobions Woodland Trustís annual report for 2005, written by trustee, Michael Jonas, MBE, and delivered to the homes of GWT members earlier this week.

The report is reproduced in full on this site. Click here to read it.

In his report, Mr Jonas says announces that the Gobions Woodland Trust (GWT) has joined the Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust (HMWT) and that the plan is for the GWT freehold land to be gifted to HMWT.

According to Mr Jonas, "GWT will remain as an entity to continue to manage the land with the benefit of the added management skills of HMWT. The present trustees will also continue with the collection of your kind donations and their other fund raising activities, which money will be used solely for our work in Gobions Wood. We shall also continue to lease and manage Leach Fields."

Click here for the GWT team's blog and click here for its photogallery.

Volunteers are welcome to join the work parties every Sunday.

You can discuss the issue in a discussion thread in this siteís forum.

17 March 2006

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